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May 05, 2021

Selling Hype or Giving Hope: Science and Pseudoscience in Autism Treatment

A presentation by Dr. Thomas Zane delivered at the 2020 Michigan Autism Conference

Interactive Video / 1 Ethics CEU / $20

Autism treatment has long been known as a ‘fad magnet’ that attracts well-vetted empirically-based effective treatments, but unfortunately, also attracts ill-advised, ineffective, and unethical treatments. Parents and caregivers seek effective ways of teaching skills, maximizing independence, and improving the quality of life for individuals with autism. They assume those professionals who have degrees, certifications, and visibility in the eld know what they are doing, and believe the hype and marketing that service providers disseminate about the methods they use. The proponents of all autism treatments assert that their treatments will work. They want parents and caregivers to be hopeful that their particular treatments will meet the goals and desires of those seeking treatment. However, the fact is that some treatment providers can only provide the hype without also delivering the effective outcomes of their therapy. Hype is freely given. Real hope, gleaned from evidenced-based strategies that produce objectively measured positive outcomes, is harder to come by.

New product
May 03, 2021

Impacts of Integrity Failures on Common Reinforcement-Based Interventions

A presentation by Dr. Claire St. Peter delivered at the 2020 Michigan Autism Conference

Interactive Video / 1 CEU / $20

The term treatment integrity refers to the extent to which interventions are implemented as they are designed. For over 20 years, there have been calls for increased reporting of treatment integrity in research and consideration of treatment integrity in clinical practice. Yet, treatment integrity remains an infrequent research topic and rare practice consideration. In this presentation, I describe several studies evaluating levels of treatment integrity across commonly used, reinforcement-based interventions for challenging behavior. I hope to convince the audience that evaluations of treatment integrity are critical for research and practice if we hope to create sustainable change in socially significant behavior.

Feb 18, 2021

Open Behavioral Science Website Relaunched

We just relaunched the Open Behavioral Science website to make it more streamlined and hopefully more useful. Along with updating a bunch of links and resources, we added an autogenerated open science newsfeed and even created a proper logo! Check it out and join the fight to make behavioral science more open.

Feb 05, 2021

Improved Coursepack Creation

Our process for creating a coursepack has been greatly improved! With our new coursepack creation form, you can now:

Save a draft of your form submission

If something comes up while you’re completing the form or you just can’t decide which modules to add yet, you can now easily save a draft of your coursepack submission and return to it whenever you're ready. Neat!

View or edit past submissions

Did you just submit a coursepack but realize you forgot to include a module or misspelled your university’s name? No problem! Now you can view and edit your previous submissions (this will only apply to submissions on the new form; submissions from before February 5, 2021 will not be accessible). Revisions will only apply to coursepacks that we have not completed for you yet.

Add CEU modules to your coursepacks

Are you creating a coursepack for students or trainees who are already BCBAs or BCaBAs? Now you can monitor their completion of modules via a coursepack AND allow them to earn CEUs while doing it! Just choose to add the CEU versions of our modules to your coursepack rather than the standard versions. You'll still be able to track their progress on the myTeaching dashboard and they'll earn CEUs and a certificate of completion for each module they complete.

Create a Coursepack!

Jan 14, 2021

Subscribe to Updates

If you want to be the first to learn about new products, features, and announcements from Foxylearning, you can now subscribe to our updates! Just click the aptly named "Subscribe for updates" button above. Woo-hoo!

Dec 24, 2020

Privacy Policy and Terms Updated

We recently updated our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, which are effective December 24, 2020. We take your privacy and security seriously, and we hope these updates make it easier for you to understand how your personal data is used and the choices and control you have over that information. Please take a few minutes to read and understand these revised documents. Your continued use of Foxylearning means you agree to them.

Oct 28, 2020

Review Completed Lessons More Easily

After you complete a lesson in a multimedia tutorial, you can now go back to review that lesson with open navigation. This means that you will be able to browse or review the pages of that lesson in any order and will not be required to complete the Knowledge Checks again.

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Sep 18, 2020

Search for Coursepacks

Students who have lost or have not received the link to the coursepack for their course can now search for it via our new Buy a Coursepack page. Faculty and instructors should still share a direct link to their coursepack with students, as this will best reduce the possibility of students purchasing the wrong coursepack.

Sep 03, 2020

Progress Within Videos Now Saved Automatically

Your progress while watching an interactive video is now saved automatically throughout the video, not just at the end! This means you can watch just a portion of the video, leave the page or close your browser, and then return later to automatically resume the video where you left off.

Aug 22, 2020

Links to Video Slides Updated

Several of our interactive video modules had broken or outdated links to download the speaker's slides. These have all been fixed, both within the video and on the "Materials" tab of the module.